Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lets roll on the yard sale!

Hi! My name is Krys and me and my mom, Donna, realized something during our last yard sale... We are technically in the middle of NOWHERE when it comes to yard sale-ing! So an idea was formed that emulated a similar yard sale strategy in Icard, NC (just outside of Hickory).  They have this amazing semi-annual event that covers a 7 mile stretch road and all the side streets! It is a one day event held in the spring and in the fall and it helps all the families in that community!
  This yard sale will help concentrate fuel economy for ardent thrifty shoppers and help the families living off of the 5.8 mile stretch of Jim Minor road in the Haw River area.  By having one day where families can set up and offer area shoppers yard sale overload, we are concentrating the efforts and streamlining the  economic overload and planning, searching and wasted gas driving ALL over Alamance and Orange Counties searching for a deal!

  We would like to make this an equal community event, everybody sharing the news.  We started an email account for this to launch this simple idea, a Facebook fan page is next and we would like to do a flyer campaign for the local and surrounding community centers and blurbs in the local newsletters/magazines!